Cloth nappies

Cloth nappies

img_1122My journey with cloth started in 2006 when my 1st baby was born.

I disliked throwing away so many disposables every day so I set off half heartedly to try cloth nappies. It looked like a ridiculous amount of work to add to my already crazy washing of clothes, but I was willing to give it ago.

It turned out it wasn’t really that much more work, it’s actually very achievable once you find a routine

When my second baby was born, my 1st was only 20 months and in cloth full time. I did struggle for a bit whilst I learnt to be a mum to 2; but soon we got back on track and cloth bummed both babies.

When pregnant with my 3rd baby, 3 years after my 2nd was potty trained ,  I started looking into cloth nappies again.


The world of cloth nappies changed so much and I really could not believe it.

It went from the simple, often plain, nappies to a wonderful world of colours, patterns, different fabrics and limited editions. The choice of brands out there blew me away.

I soon found myself buying one of each brand in readiness for baby number 3 arriving. She was in cloth full time from a couple of hours old and continues to be so 2 years later!

In the last 10 years I can say I tried dozens of brands and have acquired a few hundred nappies. My knowledge about them has come in leaps and bounds, so do get in touch if you have any questions!

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