Tickle Tots 2’s

Tickle Tots 2’s

We were very excited to try out the TT 2’s hybrid nappy.

Straight to the point

  • They are superb nappies that consistently lasted us for as long as it needed to until the next change
  • They worked overnight on their own for 12 hours
  • The drying time hung inside was around 16 hrs

This is classed as an all in 2 nappy, meaning you can re-use the shell and only change the inserts. We used it as an all in one, only un-snapping the inserts for washing and quicker drying.

They come with 2 inserts (or boosters). The small one is made out of a few layers of bamboo fleece and it will be perfect for when the new baby arrives and I use the nappy on the smallest setting

The large one again has several layers of bamboo fleece with a soft suede top for comfort on one side

On the other side it has a PUL waterproof layer to keep the shell cover clean if you just want to change the inserts instead of the whole nappy.

This booster has an open centre which encourages air flow, I found very helpful drying! The double gussets on legs are definitely a bonus to keep everything in , particularly during the pre-weaning stage.


Very cute and excellent quality nappy! We definitely love it ❤️👍🏻

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