Reusable Menstrual Products 

I have used cloth nappies for the best part of the last 10 years, but the thought of using cloth pads for myself made my skin crawl! 

I could see the picture, dirty and smelly clothpads in a bag sitting waiting to be washed… what about going to work? I works 12.5 hours shifts and having these smelly things with me all day put me off trying them completely, yuck ! 

Then one day I saw a discussion online, women were saying how their periods were now less heavy, less painful, how comfortable they were to use and how they didn’t smell at all. Something inside me told me to just try some and I did. 

I pre washed them and waited for my period. One word: amazing ! 

It is true 

  • They don’t have any smell whatsoever, even after sitting for a couple of days waiting to be washed! No smell 😳
  • Period was less painful
  • There is no sweating like there is when using disposable pads
  • They are so comfortable, just like wearing underwear, I often forget I have them on. 

I will spare you of all the facts and  of all the benefits of ditching disposables pads and switching to cloth, there is Google for that, but you would be amazed at all the health benefits! 

Now to chat about the practical bits: 

They look like disposables with a waterproof outer layer to contain everything. They have snaps on their wings that you snap under your underwear. 

They come in different sizes to suit your flow, these ones are medium – great for day time and the large is perfect for night time.

They are slim and discreet, not much different to disposables 

When out and about I carry a small bag with the clean ones and another small wet bag for the used ones ( again , not one hint of smells). I also use a menstrual cup- but that’s for another day 

When I get home I open the zip of the little wet bag and add it to the bigger wet bag I have been placing my used pads at home without touch them 😉

NO NEED TO SOAK OR DO ANYTHING TO THEM. Once in the wet bag you don’t have to touch them again until they are clean. 

Just close the wet bag each time you add some more 

Then on a wash day, (I wash every 2-3 days) unzip or loosen the string on the wet bag , throw it inside the washing machine (the pads will all come out the bag during the wash), do a rinse cycle folllowed by a long wash and done! Hang them up to dry.

If you are already using cloth nappies you can wash them all together.

The pads shown here are Charlie Bananas and Imse Vimses,  all from the lovely retailer Babipur. I find they have a great selection of reusable menstrual products. 

One thought on “Reusable Menstrual Products 

  1. I LOVE cloth pads too. So nice. I was weirded out at first about wearing them. But I actually prefer them now!

    I even have a friend that sews who makes me some 🙂


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