What’s going on ?

I had 3 very straight forward pregnancies in a sense, despite having hyperemesis gravidarum with 2 of them, everything else was pretty much ok. 

I expected the same for this pregnancy, everything was going well. I had a bump on the road at 23 weeks when I had a gastro infection and started contracting. 5 days in hospital and we were back on track.

Fast forward to 32 weeks, home birth booked, birthing pool purchased, all was going well when suddenly I had what I thought was food poisoning for 7 days, baby wasn’t moving very much. I got it checked, baby was fine and  I just needed to recover.

2 weeks later, at 34 weeks I start being violently sick all afternoon, that kicked off tightenings again. I went into hospital and was severely dehydrated, I was on constant IV fluids for 48 hours, tightenings were coming and going to the point I needed pain relief. It settled for a bit and I came home.

Now I seem to be backs and forwards to the hospital.

One week on, that brings us to this week, I continue to have tightenings on/off. I also continue to show symptoms of a gastric upset. Baby’s movements haven’t been great. I have had some spotting- that could be a show but no one is sure.

 A few ultrasound scans and all is fine with baby they tell me,  but my baby appears to be too large, so that raised the question as to whether I have gestational diabetes or not. I have had an oral glucose tolerance test this morning, need to wait for the results. 

I have been told my blood tests show my platelets are rapidly falling and that I am anaemic but unable to take iron as that upsets my stomach even further and makes my uterus contract.

I have also been told I have a systemic infection and e-coli. Plus I tested positive for group B strep. 

How can a pregnancy turn from low risk to suddenly all this? I feel overwhelmed with it all despite remaining positive ! 

All I can do is wait and see where this will take us. 

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