Frugi Mother 

Frugi Mother 

I often get asked on my instagram posts where I buy my maternity clothes from and the answer is usually frugi.

3 years ago, after spending most of my pregnancy with Isla feeling frumpy, I decided to buy a couple of frugi clothes from their maternity range and I have never looked back.

They look so lush and I couldn’t be happier with the quality and fit. Today most of my wardrobe consists of frugi clothing as they are suitable not only for pregnancy but for breastfeeding too, which is what I have been doing uninterruptedly since 2013 😬

In fact their clothes are so stylish you could wear them as non maternity clothes once you are no longer pregnant and/or stop feeding.

I am such a huge fan of frugi clothes I am writing this quick review (on the long sleeve dress and the fine knit waterfall cardi) to share why I love frugi 🙂

This beautiful dress fits so well, it has a panel that can be lifted up to reveal a bandeau underneath that can be pulled down for feeding.

Excuse the dark circles under my eyes and the fact I am having coffee, but with a 3 week old baby and  3 older children I can’t help it! Perfect wear for getting out and about.

It really is so practical and fuss free when baby needs fed.

The soft organic cotton feels so comfortable to wear out and about as well as around the house! 

The cardi, now that is my very favourite piece of clothing, it is so very handy:

  • it keeps me warm in this chilly weather
  • it’s so snugly soft
  • it hides my postnatal tummy
  • it makes descreet breastfeeding a doddle 

The real bonus of this cardi is the shoulder button, one on each side, such a clever design that you simply button it up and presto, everything is covered. 

Once baby is latched on you can leave it as it is or cover baby’s head with the abundant fabric for complete coverage if you prefer.

There you have it!

From bump to breastfeeding and beyond I can’t recommend frugi enough 🙂 


One thought on “Frugi Mother 

  1. Oooh I really love that dress and cardi.

    Of course that stuff isn’t in the US. Lol. I’m gonna have to check it out though. I’m nursing twins right now and I need the easy access &I post baby tiny cover 😁


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