Our favourite shaped newborn nappies

DISCLAIMER: any advice/opinion are my own as a mum and NOT as a midwife. I have not been paid or influenced in anyway to write this  πŸ™‚

Isaac is my fourth baby, my eldest was a few months old when I started, with the other 3 I used cloth from birth. 

 I have tried dozens and dozens of newborn nappies for a few years and while I could say there are many good brands out there that I like , I have shortlisted 4 favourites. 

Before we get to them let’s look at some important points:

With newborn nappies you need to decide what aspects of cloth bumming a newborn is more important to you.

  1. Cost – if you are on a strict,short budget then these nappies bought new are probably not going to be the most cost effective ones; flats or pre-folds with covers could be done with very little money spent (intend to write a bit about it soon) until baby fis into birth to potty ones. Alternatively try bst pages on facebook for second hand ones.
  2. Weight – if your previous babies were on the bigger size or you are expecting a big baby take that into consideration, most birth to potty nappies fit from around 9lb – perhaps they will fit straight into  bigger nappies.
  3. Drying facilities- time of the year, outdoors drying space or not, availability of a tumble drier if needed and how many nappies you own should be considered.
  4. time- People often comment they don’t have the time to cloth bum a newborn – I would say you make time for what you want to achieve. Newborns  poo is easily washed off, it really is low maintenance to throw the nappies in the machine and hang them up in pegs every couple of days. If you are short on time consider if you want to  use pocket style nappies with loose inserts to be put together once dry or if you would rather have a one piece nappy which is ready to go on the bum straight from the drying rack. 
  5. How many do   you need?  depends on how often you want to wash, with newborns I like to wash every 1 1/2 days ( but you may not ) and I find 25 -30 nappies is a good amount to start, plus some extra inserts or muslins for nappies which you can re-use the cover and only change the insert.

    Isaac was 6lb 8 when he came home from hospital  and now he is  14 lb at 15 weeks old, so we have had a good testing window πŸ™‚

    Let’s move on to the interesting bit.

    Here they are, in no particular order: Baba+Boo newborn, milovia small cover and insert, close parent pop in newborn and  totsbots teenyfit star

    1- Baba + Boo

    • pocket nappy, comes with 2 inserts
    • the internal fleece leg gussets on these are amazing and great at containing everything and keeping bottoms dry- so soft
    • rise snaps at the front make them last way beyond the newborn stage – we are still on the smallest setting ; the flip side is it does look slightly bigger  than other newborn nappies
    • they dry very quickly
    • absorption is great, no need to boost with further inserts. 
    • In my top favourites because fit, containment and absorption are excellent and drying time is fast

    2- Milovia newborn cover and insert

    • They were used with Isla until she was 6 months old thanks again to the rise snaps… she was bigger and chubbier than Isaac, so with him I expect to use the milovias longer, until around 9 months- they are very trim.
    • containment is excellent 
    • they dry almost immediately after being washed, literally.
    • the insert is super thirsty and it is what makes this brand stand out
    • However, it benefited from a further booster from 5 weeks with Isaac , just in case he fell asleep and went longer than 3 hrs; either another milovia insert or a thin bamboo booster does the trick
    • you can buy more inserts than covers and only replace cover if it gets dirty, otherwise re use cover and replace insert
    • in my favourites because it is slim,  fit and containment are top notch, plus it dries in no time at all

    3-Close parent pop in 

    • I absolutely LOVE the fit of this one with Isaac, because he had very skinny legs to start with, these were amazingly snug yet very roomy. 
    • The cover is excellent, however their inserts do let them down
    • Boosting was necessary  not long after Isaac was born, as outpeeing became an issue fairly early on.  Milovia newborn insert (above) together with the pop ins original insert were our favourite combo and what I used with Isaac more frequently than any other nappy
    • you can buy more inserts than covers and only change cover if soiled , otherwise you can just replace the inserts
    • drying time is fast,  within only a few hours
    • So why are they in my top favourites? The covers are perfect in every sense of the word and they dry super quickly , despite needing boosting, I would still recommend these!

    Totsbots teenyfit star

    we are starting to run out of room in the teenyfit star at 15 weeks πŸ˜› but they still fit! 

    (there is a blogpost on these further down the blog)

    • great fit, very slim but yet mighty in absorption
    • stitch free leg gussets contains everything 
    • the bamboo core makes it very absorbent and no boosting has been necessary so far at 15 weeks old
    • easiest for those who want low maintenance nappies or a new to cloth, due to everything being built in within the nappy , no loose ends or inserts
    • drying speed is avarage-to long , which is normally the downside of a true all in one which is absorbent 
    • in my top 4 for being reliable, absorbent, slim fitting and super easy to use

    So there you have my top 4 favourites! 

    Just had to share this picture of little newborn Isla at 1 day old in her fluff 😍

    aaah so cute 😍

    Just before I go, some may worry about the newborn cord. I found a cord tie much easier to manage than the plastic ones offered by health professionals and that’s what my other children had on.

     Some newborn nappies come with a snap down option until the cord falls off, such as little joeys. 

    Others may have a low cut specific for it such as smart bottoms newborn. 

    However, unlike my previous babies that I worried about the plastic clamp, with a cord tie it made no difference what type of nappy I was using, over or under the cord they all looked very comfortable on Isaac and didn’t irritate his cord at all! 

    under his cord 

    over his cord

    lots of love


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