A decade of totsbots bamboozles

If you are looking for a high performance nappy for day and night, this is the one! 

Let me take you back to 2006, I tried our first totsbots when Aaron was a new baby and oh we loved how soft they were!
That baby soon turned into a pee monster and the ONLY nappy on the market at that time that coped with his peeing tricks was a totsbots bamboozle and so our love affair with bamboozles began.

Unfortunately that baby is now 10 and will not allow me to post a picture of him in a nappy!

His little sister Emily , born in 2008, however, is happy to let me share this photo of her in her totsbots

baby Emily 2009

Along the years the bamboozles have evolved and been perfected to what they are today. But they have remained to us the most reliable nappy in our stash to date with all 4 babies. 

baby Ísla 2014

baby Isaac 2017

So what is the fuss all about? 

  • bamboo- think thirsty!
  •  The WHOLE nappy holds the pee, not just a section of it
  • It can go for 14 hours straight (overnight) 
  • the stretchy tabs make them super comfortable for baby 

What do you need ? 

  • a bamboozle stretch
  • a liner (fabric or disposable)
  • a waterproof cover to keep clothes/sheets dry , I use the totsbots peenut cover as they go perfectly with them 

    How do they work ?  

    • pre wash them a few times to build absorbency (or soak them in the bath overnight ) – no need to dry them in between
    • snap in the booster that comes with it 
    • place a liner on top 
    • put it on the baby 
    • put the waterproof cover on top 
    • if using it overnight pray baby sleeps all night so you can test its amazing reliability 😛

    One thought on “A decade of totsbots bamboozles

    1. Very Informative! My baby girl sleeps through the night at 7 months old (Woohoooo) but she’s soaked by the time she awakes. I’ll have to try the Bamboozles!



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