New free-to-grow tula carrier 

The brand new free to grow carrier from tula is everything I hoped a redesigned tula would be! I already love the original design for older babies and toddlers but Isaac and I were a bit stuck. He was too big for the original tula with the newborn insert and too small for it without it :/ 
The new FTG carrier solves it for us. The main 3 differences I see in this new design are the adjustable band width, adjustable panel height and a new adjustable hood ! 

1 – Adjustable width

No need for fiddly inserts, now the waist band has 3 sets of snaps to adjust the width of the base of the carrier to your baby’s size. 

The snaps are placed beneath the waist belt webbing 

a) narrowest setting used from newborn minimum weight 7lb 

b) middle setting approx 3-9 months

c) widest setting for older babies and toddlers

Isaac is still quite small at only 13lb so we are on narrowest setting for the width. 

2- Adjustable panel height

On the original model, cinching the webbing at the top of the panel down, on your shoulder straps, meant you could lower the baby slightly;  whereas on the new model the actual panel fabric is adjusted by moving the webbing . 

By cinching it down all the way the panel is in its shortest position, ideal for tiny babies. 
By releasing the webbing completely the panel is in its tallest position for older babies and toddlers. 

Isaac’s is teeny, so I made sure the height was determined by checking that his face was visible over the top edge of the panel on the mirror. We are on the shortest setting here too. 

3 –The new hood

I don’t get to use the hood on the tula very often. Normally only when wearing Isla on a back carry and she sleeps or when breastfeeding , but I do love all the changes. 

for a start the hood is now bigger and more generous in all aspects compared to the original one.

Now you snap the hood onto your shoulder strap instead of the original hook.

You now also have a variety of snap setting to choose from according to your needs.

Plus it comes with reach straps! squeeee

It’s still detachable as the older one was and I love that! 

I wouldn’t buy this if your baby is already big enough for your standard tula on their own, but if your baby is small or you are pregnant then this is the one  x

The new design tula will launch tomorrow 05/04/2017

One thought on “New free-to-grow tula carrier 

  1. Parabéns mamãe e filhos, agora vocês terão mais conforto, com a nova Tula !
    Cecilia parabéns pelas dicas, beleza e muito charme com o seu baby number 4.❤️❤️❤️❤️


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