Thank you for stopping by, please read below about our real nappy week give aways

#RNW7daysofcloth celebration 
What is Real Nappy Week? 

Each year we celebrate real nappy week, or RNW for short. It is a time in which we challenge the ” buy it, use it and throw it away” lifestyle so present in our society and promote the “buy it, use it, use it again and pass it on” instead.
Cloth nappies are a perfect example of what we are trying to promote, additionally there are other areas where we can reduce waste and live a greener, more reusable lifestyle such as washable cloth pads, cloth wipes, breast pads and kitchen supplies.
This year RNW will run on 24-30th April 2017. 

What is the #RNW7daysofcloth? 

It’s a hashtag meant to link the whole content of the give away we are organising , and a way of all participants to look at people’s contents too. if you want us to see what you are doing for RNW then do use the tag. 

Who is organising this? 

3 people: myself Cecilia (Cecilia), Heather (areusablelife ) and Babipur (babipur)

Babipur  is a friendly family run shop that makes ethical shopping fun and easy. They have kindly supplied the prizes for the give away babipur website 

Heather is mum to Arthur and Eli and here is her blog areusablelife

 I (@cecilia.leslie07) am a mum to Aaron, Emily, Isla and Isaac and you can read my story if you navigate this blog. 

What are the prizes?

The main prizes are 7 cloth related prizes and a £50 voucher for a nappy library. 

1 (24th) – one totsbots peenuts birth to potty nappy 

2 (25th) – close parent set of 6 reusable breast pads 
3-(26th)- planet wise wetbag 
4-(27th)- close parent set of 10 washable wipes 

5-(28th)- Grovia ONE birth to potty nappy

6-(29th) – Set of 2 bloom and nora cloth pads

7-(30th) – Close parent pop in birth to potty nappy , babipur exclusive print  

8- A £50 voucher to a nappy librarybto spend on babipur.
How do I take part?

In order to be eligible to win the prizes you must :

be following all three of us on instagram (@cecilia.leslie07 ; @areusablelife and @babipur) 

tag 3 friends on our main instagram post 

and take a picture on at least one of the days of RNW according to the daily theme and hashtag it with #RNW and #RNW7DAYSOFCLOTH . Those are the only requirements 
Your main post on instagram  has a lot of information , can you explain it a bit more? 
Of course, here is an Overview :

For each day of the RNW we are asking followers to take a photo based on the daily theme to share on their own instagram account, adding the #RNW7daysofcloth and giving a brief description on how the picture relates to cloth/reusable products. 

1. Fun (24th) 
2. Colour (25th)

3. Easy (26th)

4. First (27th)

5. Happy(28th)

6. Style (29th)

7. Best (30th)

I don’t have a baby so how do I relate a picture to cloth?

For example, for theme day one, FUN, You can take a picture of anything you think is fun. Like a cushion as the example below

This cushion is so much fun , I would love if they made this same print on a cloth pad as it would make my periods a lot more fun #RNW #RNW7daysofcloth

How do I interpret the themes?

The themes are broad and feel free to interpret them in whatever way you like, but be sure to write a few words on how it relates to cloth/reusable products on your description and don’t forget to use the hashtag so we can see it. 

Remember to be creative as we are looking for creative pictures that makes us feel good about cloth

My account is private 

If your account is set to private please DM me or Heather  so we can send you a friend request and see your entries. Alternatively you can DM us the picture directly.

How will you choose the winners

For each day we will count entries posted until 9 pm. Heather and I will verify entry requirements and deliberate on our opinion who has produced the most compelling image. … any entries posted after 9pm  will not be considered.

Each winner will be announced the following morning at around 8am by Heather and I.

I don’t want to take part everyday , is that ok?

Yes of course, you can take part whenever you want to but to maximise chances of winning and spreading the love of cloth we encourage you to take part during the 7 days.

How do I nominate snappy library to win £50 voucher? 

It’s simple, all you have to do is go into Heather’s or mine instagrams and find the picture below. Tag 3 friends, say you will take part on the photo challenge and nominate a nappy library

I don’t want to share the picture above onto my own instagram, can I still take part? 

yes you can, sharing the picture of our give away is NOT a requirement to taking part. However if you would like to share it we are giving away the below prizes if you do. 

So to be in for a change on winning the tickle tots wet bag and the holztiger whale toy share the main picture below, hashtag it #rnw #RNW7daysofcloth , tag @cecilia.leslie07 , @areusablelife and @babipur. 

We will announce this winner on Sunday 23/04 

I don’t live in the UK, can I take part? 

yes, entries are open worldwide and we will post prizes if you are the winner to anywhere in the world, we will cover postage so you won’t have any expenses.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us 😀

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