For a while now I have created and used the hashtag #dresskids_likekids . I love dressing my kids like kids, not just as mini adults.

What is #dresskids_likekids all about? 

  • colours are genderless
  • interests are genderless
  • clothes and nappies are unisex 
  • clothing and nappies are fun and comfortable to let kids be kids 

I would love you to join me and create a community so like minded parents can join in and connect.

If you like to dress your children in FUN and in all colours clothing and/or  cloth nappies in all patterns and colours, both REGARDLESS OF GENDER then I would love  you to use the hashtag! 

If your girl loves dinosaurs and astronauts and your boy loves dolls and prams and that reflects on how you dress them please do join in in the hashtag too šŸ˜ƒ 

For the record , I love girls in pink as much as boys in pink; just as much as I love boys in blue and girls in blue, so everyone can join in if they have fun clothing on;) 

Every week I will look through the photos with the hashtag and choose my favourites. These will then go on my own instagram feed. 

At the end of each month I will randomly select a picture that has made into my feed and send a small gift the chosen picture’s author.

WAHMs are welcome to join too.

The picture must be current to the week (apart from week one, you can go back and hashtag for first week only). If you would like an old picture to be considered, simply re-post it and #dresskids_likekids

May gift, a janod dinosaur puzzle from catfishkids 

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