Pacapod Mirano  changing bag review as an eco conscious mum

I often get asked which changing bag I use, having 2 little ones in full time cloth nappies and wipes raises the question of which bag is big enough for the job? 

So many a times I have been asked I have decided to write about it and show you how the mirano pacapod works for us.

Firstly, it is made with vegan leather. It has a 32 L capacity which is basically quite a lot of room for all the bits and bobs we need to take with us. This bag has the famous removable feeding and changing pods plus a 3rd huge pocket.

Let’s start with the changing:

The picture below is what I need to pack for a day out. 5 cloth nappies, 5 liners, 10 cloth wipes and a wetbag.

3 nappies for subsequent changes go in the bigger compartment of the bag , the rest goes in the changing pod

There I have everything I need to change both Isla and Isaac 

The 5 fleece liners

the 10 cloth wipes plus a spray bottle in case we don’t have access to a tap 

2 cloth nappies ready for Isaac and Isla

the wetbag 

The changing pod is very neat and it comes with a changing mat , so you have EVERYTHING you need for a change within 

the pod. 

once both babies have been changed I place the used nappies in the wetbag and swap them with the clean ones, finally I attach the wetbag to the pod and both back into the changing bag

The feeding pod

As a family we don’t have the habit of packing too much food for out and about and tend to buy as we go. I do however always pack some snacks, such as fruit and veg and  some Ryvitas/Rice cakes for the small ones. It’s pretty amazing how much we can actually fit in the feeding pod.

As an eco conscious mum, I try not to use plastic whenever we can , so we keep our dry snacks in the cloth ‘sandwich’ wrap and any cut up fruit and veg (carrot, cucumber etc sticks) in a bees wax wrap. 

The feeding pod accommodates all of these really well 

Because it is insulated with an additional insulated ‘bottle’ cover it keeps my coffee extra hot on the go 🙂 

Using it for out and about:

Firstly, it looks very stylish and I could easily use it as a bag for me as it doesn’t scream ‘changing bag’ at all. 

It can be carried in different ways 

by the handles for short trips ! 

over the shoulders when heading to the changing room 

As a mensanger bag when babywearing 

on the stroller

All in all this bag is just perfect for us! 

5 thoughts on “Pacapod Mirano  changing bag review as an eco conscious mum

  1. Wow the cloth nappg bag is just perfect! Amazing infact. One reason I semi avoid doing cloth out of the house is I dont know the best way to do it with packing, storing, etc. This answers so many questions. Thanks for sharing !


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