BOOB Design maternity clothing review

Scandi clothings aren’t just great for kids, I absolutely love Swedish Boob Design. Their  clothes are beautiful and stylish. I love them so much  I really want to tell you about it.

Firstly, they fit right into my eco parenting style. Their ethics are commendable, always taking their environmental and social responsibility very serious; from the design of their clothing  all they way through to delivering their products to us.
I firmly believe we should move away from the “buy it, use it and throw it away” culture to a  “buy it, use it again, pass it on”. It’s very clear to me that Boob Design and our family share the same ethos , every one of their clothing comes with this lovely label as a reminder :

“I am yours to love. Wash and wear. When you are done with me please hand me over to someone who needs me”

All their garments are made in Europe and every step of the way they ensure their ethical standards are observed.

Their clothes are also certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which means that they are tested for harmful substances. 

With the promise that their clothes  can be safely worn next to mine and baby Isaac’s skin I can rest assured they are free from harmful chemicals.

This tunic I am wearing is great from pregnancy to breastfeeding. It has a little stretch for the bump while retaining its original shape for subsequently breastfeeding. It has a front panel that can be lifted to breastfeed comfortably and descreetly.

I love Boob Design’s work ethics and their beautiful clothes have so far never failed to wow me ❤️ 

Go check their instagram here 

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