When I broke my arm 2 and half weeks ago I realised that I took a lot of things for grantedbefore, like taking the children to the local play park on my own! if they fell how could I help?  I couldn’t even get them in and out of the swing !

But today I build the confidence and took them out. It felt a bit like going out on my own for the first time with a new baby once the husband went back to work.

It was a lovely day and out we went and I managed. A little bit awkwardly but we did it and the kids had a great time! 

Next challenge will be to g get on a bus with them both 😬

We received LOADS of compliments on the gorgeous lilcubs leggings both Isla and Isaac were wearing today, they are so stunning and perfect for a beautiful sunny day like today ! 

I love lilcubs, in fact, Isaac’s first ever clothes when he was born was a lilcubs babygrow 😍

If you like bright and colourful and dressing kids like kids here is a link to  lilcubs website

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