Pigeon Organics

I truly believe our fashion choices are important and have an impact on our environment.

Whenever possible I choose clothes that are comfortable, look good, from brands that are committed to both our environment and ethical working conditions. 

Pigeon Organics are an amazing British company that observe the above and their clothes are not only super comfortable and organic but have their own cool beautiful but subtle style. Their clothes are made in they UK.

I first came across them when Isla was a baby when I purchased a babygrow. The fact they had fold up mittens that are a lot more generous than high street brand (therefore do not restrict little fingers) was a real plus for me. 

Additionally, the babygrow also had a fold up cuff for their feet! That was a huge hit because the feet on babygrows are the first bit to be outgrown on any given babygrow… so they last longer. 

The downside if you like is the babygrows come in 6 months increments size wise , making if fairly big on small babies, but on the other hand you do get a LOT of use out of them and Isaac is still wearing his 0-6 months at 7 months old !! He also fits comfortable in 6-12 months with loads of room to grow as in the picture

Isla can just about get away with wearing a 18-24months 😉 

In looking at their range closer, I realised that they had a lot more than babygrows and was keen to try out some other items and share them with you ! Isla looks beautiful in her dress and tights (with a dog detail) , both pigeon organics ! 

We also got this snug terry towling hoodie dress which came in really handy when in and out the pool … It also came in handy when Isla decided she wanted to wear it to the park ! Her sense of style is quite funny sometimes but hey, she is 2, of course she knows everything! 

We love supporting this super friendly  British businesses who delivers in quality, ethics and style! Check out their website for 0-5 years clothing  pigeonorganics ; you won’t be disappointed (>

Cecilia x

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