Milovia blankets

Milovia is one of my favourite brands for c loth nappies. So when they contacted me saying they were bringing new products into the market I was excited! 

When the package arrived , inside there were 2 blankets in the same very gorgeous prints as their nappies.

 One side is made with printed velour, the reverse is soft grey knit and filled with terry cloth in the centre. 

The tiny little dots make the blanket more breathable allowing air to circulate, therefore the blankets are suitable for most weather. 

We started using them straight away and for the past few months I NEVER leave the house without one of our trusty blankets!
The small blanket measures 70×70 cms and it’s ideal as a car seat blanket, a playmat or a changing mat.

The bigger blanket measures 100x140cm and it’s perfect as a picnic blanket for the garden grass or park as well as for the beach. 

The fleece fabric wicks away any moisture, making them very versatile for all the above use! 

Isla’s potty training is going well but I still worry about my couch, the milovia blankets make great seat protectors too!

I have reviewed many things but the milovia blankets are probably one of my favourite  products and I would not go without either of them! 

Check milovia’s instagram here 

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