Close parent swimming range 

We have been using close parent swimming range for nearly 2 years and we are loving the new designs.
The main change for me has been the fact the swimming suits are now a full body outfit instead of the past nappy and top from previous collections.

For little Isaac this has been fantastic 

It has an inbuilt nappy so you won’t need anything else 

I love the fact the it has a velcro fastening for ease of use. 

The hat is thin and light weight and offers so much protected.
For Isla, who now doesn’t need a nappy, we have found the all in one is the best! You could still use it over a happy too.
I constantly have to fight to keep Isla’s hats on so this is inbuilt hat is godsent! 

It has poppers on legs for easy access 

We have also used their mat and it’s brilliant 

It definitely completes the look for a beach or park as it’s compact and comfortable.

Use code CECILIA10 FOR 10% off the swimming range at close parent website.


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