totsbots swim nappies

These are one of the easiest for use swim nappies out there 

Taking the plunge to go cloth full time seems daunting but if you just save 1 nappy from going to landfill it is a great thing , so why not start with using re-usables for the pool or sea? Once used you can put in the washing machine to wash. Because I use cloth full time they go together with the other nappies. If you don’t have any other nappies you can put it in the washing with other clothing , such as towels etc. 

Achieving a good fit is quite easy because the velcro tabs make for a very instinctive use.

Swim nappies are there to catch poo 😉 and these totsbots do the job well. They come in 2 sizes :

Size 1 fits babies from 10-20lb 

Size 2 fits babies from 20-35lb 

They are neoprene free and have a very soft inner 😉 

The new prints are simply adorable and fun 

Under the sea

and Dig it 

Well done totsbots 🙂 these are great swim nappies 🙌🏼

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