We are big fans of open ended toys that allow the children to play freely without rules or structure. 

If you are interested in reading a bit more about how we use them please read on ! 

Without rules or structure mean toys that have no familiar script on how they should be played. If a child knows a character from tv and plays with that character indeed they will have fun but the opportunity to engage creatively can be limited.

In our house we also have such toys, there is definitely room for them ; however they are limited to when the children are tired and concentration is poor.
Some experts have actually linked creative play with building resilience, focus and purpose , even when the outcome of their play is unknown. Skills they will need for life as they grow into adults.  

Being a family of 4 children of very different age ranges means that finding toys that will have all 4 engaging with a little hard to find.
That’s why we love grapat toys , they can be played with in so many different ways. 
Let me use the grapat 6 bowls and lids to illustrate my point :

Isaac is loving peek-a-boo games at the moment as he learns that something (or someone) continues to exist even though you cannot see them. We use home made felt clouds inside the cups and he loves finding little treasures inside them as he removes the lid. ( supervision required at all times)

He still loves to put everything in his mouth, grapat toys are made from sustainable wood using natural, water based  stains , making them safe for babies who are still using their mouth to learn about the world around them.

Isla plays with them by mixing and matching colours with the cups and lids, putting little sticks inside them , sorting and counting etc

As for the older 2 they can create more complicated games and mathematical problems. The cups can also be used as extra blocks in building games hiding secrets within the structures they build. 

Playing is learning, as important as other forms of learning 💜

grapat’s instagram
grapat’s facebook
We haven’t been paid for this review, they are genuinely amazing toys 

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