POCO NIDO review

Let’s start from the beggining. I very much believe in looking after our children’s feet and I have always looked for footwear that allows them to be comfortable and designed to allow their feet to grow while simultaneously provide adequate support. 

As babies, my children have pretty much been barefoot for the first few months and Isaac has been no different.

However, now he is no longer a tiny baby and has been moving around , crawling and cruising confidently, footwear is now necessary for  when he is at the park or generally playing out and about in small stints before he gets too tired.

As Autumn approaches the flooring in our house gets quite cold and we definitely need some footwear to keep his toes cozy- don’t get me started on baby socks not staying on…

Additionally, with babywearing his little feet need the warmth too.

With that in mind I set off to find him some shoes that would meet all the needs I mentioned above and a brand that used safe materials and had great social and environmental ethics. One of my lovely insta friends had her little boy in a POCO NIDO pair of shoes, the bright and bold patterns caught my attention.

 When I did my research I found out all their shoes were made from natural materials and the cotton is printed by hand in small runs to avoid mass production.

I found what I was looking for ! Not only was Isaac getting a few pairs of shoes, I fell in love with the older kids range so much Isla had to get some too !

I couldn’t wait for my order to arrive. When it did it felt like Christmas! If you watched it on instagram stories you would had seen how exciting it was to open the packages .

What striked me before the kids even opened them was the packaging the shoes come in. 


They can all be re-used , the little baby shoes come in tube boxes with a leaflet instructions on transforming them through arts and crafts. 

Can you spot the box on the following picture? 

The leaflet on the other side doubles up as a colouring in sheet so all gets re-used!

They make great pencil holders, money box or a tiny bin as emily called it.  Apparently they can be great percussion instruments when on your feet too 

 Isla’s shoes came in the cutest boxes that look great in her room to keep little  treasures inside. She has had such great fun opening and closing those boxes and has also used them to take snacks for nursery. 

The wellies come in a handy cotton bag that we can use for so many things too.


The baby shoes are absolutely adorable, they are pull on shoes which is perfect for Isaac because he is very mobile and inpatient when it comes to getting dressed.Their designs are absolutely stunning and it’s difficult to choose a favourite . They also have block colours that are cute, but I am a pattern girl 😉

Isla’s has a moisac double strap shoes that are easy enough for her to put on herself, she wants to wear them for bed haha

The plimsoles are absolutely stunning, comfortable and stylish, I wanted to keep them as a home pair of shoes but she decided she wants to take to them nursery and has retired the black plimsoles I had bought her a few weeks ago lol

The wellington boots have great soles with plenty grip to let her have fun in all weathers. They have even passed the wet wooden decking test! They are very very easy to put on and the colours just brighten up any rainy days! 

POCO NIDO was founded by the lovely Catherine 6 years ago, she has a great passion for her brand and looks at every detail to make their products perfect for little people. Her ethics are admirable, I couldn’t recommend her products enough. 

Overall I am so impressed by Poco Nido I had to share this with all my insta friends and expect  lots of pictures of the kids wearing them on instagram! They also make other wonderful ranges of clothing and accessories too ! 

check out their website POCO NIDO and if you would like a 15% discount you can use the code CECILIA15 at check out.

Cecilia x

(ps I haven’t been paid for this review, I truly love their shoes) 

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