Charlie Banana 

I first tried charlie bananas nappies when Isla was first born, the patterns on the newborn nappies were so cute I couldn’t resist them.
As Isla outgrew the newborn nappies at around 5 weeks I started using the CBs one sizes.

In a nutshell here they are

one size nappy and 2 reusable inserts is what you get when you order one

It has a fleece line throughout and a pocket that you can use to place the insert(s) in 

or you can use the inserts on top for quick prepping and there isalways the option of using disposable inserts for short periods

What makes CBs different to most nappies out there is the way their leg gussets sizes are adjusted. 

Instead of the most commom rise snaps CBs use a bra strip to adjust the size which offers brilliant versatility and more precision on fitting them around your baby’s thighs. It adjusts well not only as your baby grows , but also as they change shapes through the first few years . It also is wonderful for those with multiple children in cloth as you can adjust the fit perfectly to suit each child – if you have the time to do it. 

Turn nappy inside out and you will find the bra like straps on each side of the nappy

Adjust them using the size guidance on the strap

here they are side by side on the smallest and widest settings

They actually make a perfect newborn nappy as they even have a cross over snap 

Absorption wise, from about 3 months you will definitely need both inserts. For us the 2 together last really well and overall I rate CBs highly , especially for those with leg leaks issue using other brands.

In the interest of softness and cuteness I couldn’t not mention their lovely  organic cotton changing pad

super soft and very slim , perfect for on the go changing 

You can buy charlie banana products straight from their EU website and the nappy lady website 

2 thoughts on “Charlie Banana 

  1. These look brilliant. I didn’t realise they had a bra strap adjuster. I mainly use pop-ins, miosolos and easyfits. At the moment she’s at the in-between rises stage, and all but the miosolos are springing leaks. These look like the perfect solution!


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