Haba sorting game – shape mix

Out of the 3 older kids, Isla is the one who shows more interest in sorting shape games and puzzles. Therefore I like to rotate a few sorting games for her and this haba one is our favourite. 

It challenges her to recognise the order in size of each shape so they decrease or increase ; there is also the challenge of keeping the same colours in each row. 

It’s such a fantastic toy that involves so many possibilities for learning from shapes to motor skills, and I would very much recommend it. But as with any review I write my aim is not to sell the products or advertise them through here , but rather I want to share my passion for the kids toys we do have and love.

It’s true kids can make toys out of anything around the house without costing a lot. I prefer to invest in fewer but meaningful toys. Haba really does make excellent toys ethically and green and it’s one of my go to brands for toys for all 4 children. 

One more thing I would like to share is how I ‘organise’ the toys for Isla to play. 

I found myself each night going through the toys, putting them all together, all the sorting , stacking toys carefully and beautifully sorted and displayed ready for playing with next day. 

Isla would wake up, spend a couple of minutes playing and forget about them. I was puzzled as to why she wasn’t engaging ; she always engaged with open toys so well so why wasn’t the sorting games capturing her attention ? 

I decided to try something different, what if instead of organising the toys I simply left them to one side like this 

Result! Isla really enjoyed the fact the sorting wasn’t done and readily started the task to sort them. The penny dropped, if I set up the sorting game neatly then why would she bother sorting it when it was already done ? I learnt a lot that day , they need the challenge to engage! 

The next day I tried to go a bit further and actually mis-match the shapes

Result again! Isla is even more motivated to ‘fix’ the shapes and put them where they belong. 

It would be lovely to hear what other parents do about setting up their kids toys ! 

Here is a link to haba’s instagram , they are awesome haba, have fun! 

3 thoughts on “Haba sorting game – shape mix

  1. The sorting game looks really good, think my daughter would enjoy it too! Will add it to her Christmas list 🙂


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