Haba Rubina with baby soft doll

If you have been following me for a while you will know how much I believe in children learning through play. We have a variety of toys which stimulate and enable our children to bring their imagination into the real world. 

For the record I believe  thay the play is within the child, not in the toys… toys are however wonderful tools to foster their curiosity and learning through play.

Dolls are very much loved in this house, we have had haba dolls for years and they have been by far our most played with dolls! So much so have also given haba dolls as gifts to lots of our friends’ children.

Haba has been around for decades and have remained truthful to their ethical commitment to making brilliant toys using safe and sustainable materials, fairly and transparently. 

Why we love their dolls so much? they are soft but yet robust and keep their shape for years. The feature my children most love is the clothes they come dressed in. They are very real looking clothes, hair accessories and the shoes!  The shoes are always on/off ; on/off and repeat. They have fun for ages.

The reason I am writing the review on this particularly lovely doll called Rubina is because she comes with her very own sling and baby! 

As a babywearing mum, role playing with their own slings has been something all my children have done as they watch me using them with their younger siblings.

I believe role playing builds their confidence for when they are in those situations at a later date. It can also help develop their verbal communication skills and physical mannerisms by practising what they have already learnt in real life situations.

Rubina (the doll) has been guided by Isla on how to baby wear, including having the baby to face inwards while in the sling  !!!! I heard her playing and saying in a baby voice (playing Rubina’s baby) : “mummy, I am tired , I want uppy”

I want uppy are the very words Isla will say to me when she wants to be in the sling and hearing her role playing it filled my heart with love! I very much hope  my children will be very confident around babies thanks to lots of watching mum and dad but also through lots of opportunity to role play.

One thought on “Haba Rubina with baby soft doll

  1. I’m fairly new to babywearing, despite having had my fourth baby seven months ago. I agree that it’s important to teach our children that these things (babywearing, cloth nappies, breastfeeding) are the norm, so as to influence the next generation.


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