Haba ball run

I have always loved marble runs, but I felt the marbles are a chocking hazard for little ones. For this reason I bought the haba ball runs and they are fab and safe for kids of all ages to have fun! This one is from the Haba Kullerbü collection Children can explore speed, force and movement while having fun with haba ball runs.

One of the things I love about it is the fact their entire collection is interchangeable and you can add obstacles or an exciting curve if you wish as the whole collection will fit perfectly together

. They can be as simple or sophisticated in structure, up to you and the children’s abilities!

Children can construct, problem solve, and learn about force and movement, a fantastic gift that you can add more onto as birthday or Christmas gifts, we certainly love ours! Isla particularly enjoy the lift that goes up and down and form the loop of this ball run

One thought on “Haba ball run

  1. We have a Galt marble run and the children love it, but it hardly comes out, due to my paranoia that the marbles will escape and the baby will find them. This looks like lots of fun – and safe!!


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