Miles Kelly Publisher- Books!

our current favourites include the following :

Aaron is mad about History, a bit like me who used to take my school History text books to read in bed

He loves ‘the History book’ and has memorised most facts and dates within it! Wish my memory was as good.

My Emily has always loved princesses, fairy tales, a dreamy world of her own full of frilly dresses, tutus and sparkles. Not because we encouraged gender stereotyping but because that’s what she loves!

The illustrated treasury of princess stories has kept her very interested this half term.

Isla adores interactive books, she is at the stage she wants to ‘do’ things and reading out a story alone isn’t quite enough at times and lift the flaps aren’t cutting it anymore.

So we step into stickers, we look at animals, flora, language and climate as we go through the book. We have family in Brazil, China and Australia so this is a great tool to talk about those relatives.

Another firm favourite is this amazing interactive book where cars, roads and people pop out the book and into real life and the child can choose how the story goes

And little Isaac, he loves nursery rhymes and squeals in excitement whenever he sees any animals on books! His favourite one however has to be the fire engine book that turns into a proper fire engine, how cool is that?

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