Bobux : One small step, epic adventures every day’

Let’s start from the beginning. Littles ones are best to have no shoes on, yip that’s right, no shoes on at all.

Why? 2 reasons:

babies who are starting to walk have no bones in their feet and muscle tone is weak (oops, will try not putting my midwife hat on), it’s all so soft and delicate. Bones develop as they grow and muscles strengthen as they walk- having no shoes on allow their feet to form the way nature intended without a limiting, heavy cast (aka shoes) restricting it.

Secondly , the soles of their feet have nerves that send sensory information to their brain as they touch the ground and feel their environment.

Barefoot really is best. But equally we need to protect our little ones from the elements and environment. Outdoors or indoors whey the floors are cold are the only time we have shoes on.

Lots of shoes are bought based on ‘fashion’ , price or just because erm you need shoes on …

I have chosen to invest in buying shoes for my littles that have been designed based on the compromise of mimicking the freedom of bare feet while providing enough protection from the environment.

These types of shoes are known as barefoot of which Bobux is one of them.

I was first drawn to Bobux for being a barefoot brand, they put so much work into designing the best shoes… then I found out they use non toxic material and their designs really are stunning. Win Win!

Look at how they count-our and flex in action

I have been buying Bobux shoes for years thanks to one of my favourite bloggers @edspire who wrote about them in 2013 and I have never looked back. Therefore I am delighted to collaborate with confidence in their shoes – they have a a new campaign they are running which showcases the power of kids’ imaginations “One small step, epic adventures every day” running until the 4th May

When buying their shoes I also get a free and great kids interactive playbook per pair of shoes 😍The girls have been enjoying theirs during the Easter holidays

If you would like to join in and win your choice of Bobux shoes as well as the free play book head to my instagram account.

If you would like to watch the campaign videos click here

I can’t decide which video is my favourite – the ‘trek through the jungle’, the ‘ride through sandy plains on the back of a wild horse’, or ‘exploring the craters of the moon’?

#epicadventures #bobuxplaybook @bobuxshoes

Thank you for taking care of our children’s feet Bobux

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