2 children in cloth

I have 4 children aged 11, 10, 3 and 1. I have been in the position of using cloth nappies for 2 children at the same time twice; first with my first 2 and the with my youngest 2.

When STOFFWINDELN asked me to write a little bit about my experience I jumped at the chance as it is totally doable.

Firstly, you need to be somewhat organized, I would put 10 nappies aside with fleece liner in place (to keep baby’s bottoms dry) each day together with 10 cloth wipes. I had schedule for nappy changing otherwise I would be forever changing nappies:

1st thing in the morning before breakfast

11 am both changed

2.30 pm both changed

5.30 pm both changed

7pm both changed for night time

8 nappies used altogether and extra 2 for changing if they had a soiled nappy at any point in

How many nappies do you need?

1st time around I managed with 30 for full time cloth for 2 children so that’s achievable but I had to wash every day.

With the younger 2 I was going through about 42 so I could wash every other day

Which nappies

Because of my large stash this I had nappies set in rise and size for each baby, so I used some just for the toddler and some just for the baby, that way the nappies were at the correct size for each. If you have a smaller stash than you need to be a little more organised and when prepping them you will need to set them up for each child

Out and about

What do you need to take? In your large changing bag take all needed for the 11 and 14.30 changing time with 2 spares for poos plus a wet bag to place used nappies  and you are good to go

Is it too much work?

I would NOT say is hard work, imagine the amount of money you will save by sticking to cloth when you have 2 children in nappies. You just need to find a little routine and then things will just flow nicely

I hope you find this helpful, do follow me on Instagram and get in touch if any advice is needed.

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