Tootsa MacGinty

Beautiful clothes that have no gender assignments.

If you look at my instagram you will see that I am a great believer in gender less clothing. My hashtag #dresskids_likekids was created based on my belief that clothes are clothes, colours are just colours,interests are interests and are all suitable for both boys and girls.

Isaac dining in Paris -the Eiffel tower as a back drop

Additionally I believe in fun and age appropriate clothing , that kids dress like kids instead of mini adults ! Clothes that are suitable to play, explore and sleep in!

Finally I am eco and ethical conscious parent so those are important factors for me when choosing clothes.

One brand that fits perfectly with my beliefs is tootsa. They are super fun, colourful, playful and do not have a boys and girls collection! yay

They make beautiful garments perfect for cloth nappies with their larger crotch trousers and playsuits.

They meet international ethical standards on their clothes production

Here is what they have to say

Tootsa MacGinty collections are styled exclusively for children, we don’t have separate sections for boys and girls.

Our clothes are bright and cheerful and as colourful as a paintbox. Designed so that kids can run, jump and play and feel comfortable all day long. Riding a bike, scooting along the pavement or whizzing down the slide in the park is easy peasy in Tootsa MacGinty.

Our aim is to produce beautiful, ethically made, quality childrenswear that children will enjoy wearing and that provide value for money for parents.

you can read more and shop here

Let’s stick our tongues out for gender stereotyping on clothes

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