Pacapod fortuna changing bag

Changing a baby is one of those tasks that parenting brings that I didn’t really enjoyed to start with. Since the switch 11 years ago, cloth nappies have made changing time a bit more fun, colourful and playful.

But it isn’t all just about the pettiness, we all know the problems single use nappies poses to our babies’ health and comfort, the environment and of course our pockets.

Baby wipes are also a HUGE problem, they are clogging up our pipes as people flush them down the toilet and end up impacting our planet negatively.

We use cloth nappies and we also use cloth wipes, they are so easy to use!! Taking them out and about in a practical and organised way makes changing baby doable in a timely manner.

We have used PACAPOD changing bags for a while now as not only do they accommodate all my essential changing gear but also all the other bits and bobs a mum of four needs to take with her wherever she goes.

Last year’s review can be read here

This year we are reviewing the pacapod FORTUNA changing bag in black.

It just doesn’t look like a changing bag, that’s the first appeal right there!

It has 2 pockets that I fit loads in like my phone, purse and all the stuff that makes into it by the kids.

It has the handy key ring feature as well as the straps to go on a pushchair.

The long removable side strap makes it ideal for us as we do lots of babywearing

The fortuna is very very light weight, that sealed the deal for me. As much as I adore other changing bags, they are mostly heavy and the weight of cloth nappying combined with babywearing makes it impractical for our outdoors adventures.

The pods keep changing gear and food totally separate, plus the space left inside accommodates everything perfectly

This is what I would take for a day out with Isaac in the changing pod. 3 cloth nappies , a few cloth wipes and a wet bag

Organised and ready to go

I hope you have enjoyed this review, visit my instagram here

Visit Pacapod website here

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