The most asked questions ever… on cloth nappies!

Along the 12 years I have cloth bummed I have somewhat acquired some knowledge on the ins and outs of cloth nappies.

As a big presence and campaigner for cloth on social media I get a few messages on a daily basis asking for advice. As a result, I am putting this short FAQ here so it is a starting point for anyone with questions.

First, let me un-complicate cloth nappies; they are pretty easy to use and no, you don’t need a manual – but with single use nappies everywhere we have forgotten how to use cloth and pass on advice, so it’s what I am here to do.

no1 : Help, how to stop a nappy leaking?

You need to start at the beginning and understand that the process of absorption on fabric is different to single use ones- no gels is there, so you need layers!! If your nappy is all in one you might not need to add any inserts but if they aren’t then you must add inserts to them.

1 insert for a tiny newborn or an almost potty trained child, 2 or more for the rest.

Secondly, the fit. If you have gaps in the legs they will leak, the same on the waist. Sounds obvious, but most leaks occur due to the nappy not being tight enough on. I made a quick video on fitting them well here

How many nappies do I need?

Short answer, around 20.

Long answer, it depends on a few things. You could have as little as 8 if you use a hybrid system of covers and inserts such as flips, buttons diapers, milovia covers or G-nappies, buying only a few covers and stocking up on inserts- just wipe the cover clean and reuse it with a fresh insert.

If you don’t have drying facilities or a tumble dryer then you might need to stock up on more, around 30. Alternatively you could have less but will need fast air drying nappies and inserts such as milovias , bambino mios and charlie bananas.

If you have the means and do not have to commit to washing on a schedule then 50 is possibly the number. You could go a whole week without worrying about washing or prepping.

If you are asking for a newborn here is a newborn link for a blog post on it

If you are cloth bumming more than one baby here is a link for a blog post

Why does my baby get a rash with cloth?

I have had loads of parents asking me about this. As always, my midwife hat is off when offering advice, so do seek medical advice if you are worried.

There could be a number of non medical reasons for it.

✔️Wetness, make sure you use a good nappy liner, such as fleece to keep baby’s bottom dry.

✔️Sensitivity, as with any materials, your baby skin may be reacting to a certain fabric, try a nappy with different material (microfiber, bamboo, cotton etc). Try silk liners if you think it’s the fleece liners that are the problem.

✔️Change your washing powder or use an eco egg or similar.

✔️ Hang up straight after the wash is finished. We have all been guilty of putting the washing machine on and then forgetting or getting distracted and leaving the washing there for hours (or overnight). Remember that the lack of light, being static and wet is a perfect environment for things to grow 🤢 so hanging them up to dry straight away might solve your problem

✔️Outside is best, on the subject of drying nothing beats the fresh air, even in winter I enjoy putting nappies out to dry on the line, they are fine to get rained or snowed on.

✔️barrier creams, they are safe to be used with cloth , just remember to use a liner so the cream doesn’t affect the fabric’s ability to absorb 😉

✔️if you have tried all the above to no avail, then message me- I have some unconventional tips I can’t write down 😉

Fill your pants have a cloth nappies starter kit here if you would like to browse

opens external website

Hope this helps

Cecilia x

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