Naturally ethical

Ethical is a word that evokes the philosophical part of me. Don’t worry, I won’t go into it because I am a micro blogger. Meaning I don’t spend much time typing.

But to be ethical a shop must do way more than just sell ethically made products. They have to apply the same principles to the way they operate, conduct their business, treat their employees and customers.

Naturally ethically is a newer business but I have know the owner online for a few years. She is lovely and I am happy to collaborate with her.

She has a physical shop you can go and visit , I wish it was closer to us !

She sent us a shampoo bar

excellent, my hair looks great !

An after shave bar, my husband says it’s great and it will last longer than shop bought ones

a plastic free deodorant, wow I am so impressed by it

a compostable and reusable coffee cup , once you are finished with it just pop it into your compost bin !

Visit her website here

naturally ethically

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