About me

I am Cecilia, married since 2005 to husband and together we have Aaron (11) , Emily (9), Ísla (3) and baby Isaac.

When I am not busy being a mummy I share the journey into motherhood with other women working as a midwife.

I have been asked so many times to start a blog to share my parenting choices and lifestyle but I thought I would never find the time but here I am.

I call myself an eco conscious parent, I understand that my choices will influence the environment my children will inherit. I am by no means perfect, but I try.

I generally post about cloth nappies and all things cloth. I practice babywearing, with attachment parenting being a central part of my parenting style. I prefer to buy  well made and classic toys that stimulate deeper learning. I also love bright kids clothes and shopping small and ethically.

I like to dress my kids like kids , not mini adults. I love fun clothes. For this reason I run a very active hashtag community on instagram #dresskids_likekids and I love to talk about kids fashion 💕