Mama & Belle teething neckless

We are absolutely loving our Mama & Belle teething neckless. It is BPA free and food graded silicone. I chose this pastel rainbow one because apart from being lovely it's got the name of Isla teething neckless ;). One feature I really like is breakaway clasp as I always worry when Isaac pull on my … Continue reading Mama & Belle teething neckless

2 children in cloth

I have 4 children aged 11, 10, 3 and 1. I have been in the position of using cloth nappies for 2 children at the same time twice; first with my first 2 and the with my youngest 2. When STOFFWINDELN asked me to write a little bit about my experience I jumped at the … Continue reading 2 children in cloth

bambino mio gift set

We were sent this lovely gift set from bambinomio it contains "miosolo all-in-one cloth nappy •       bamboo swaddling blankets gorgeously soft bamboo fabric is the ultimate choice for your little one! These larger sized swaddling blankets are beautifully gentle on delicate skin and have so many uses. •       pram pegs are small but mighty! These … Continue reading bambino mio gift set


Clothes that are fun , like childhood should be , ALWAYS! One look at my instagram account or indeed a look at how my children dress in real like and you will know why I love ubang clothes. They have colour galore but hey it's the pretty and inquisitive way they add a fun and … Continue reading UBANG

Haba ball run

I have always loved marble runs, but I felt the marbles are a chocking hazard for little ones. For this reason I bought the haba ball runs and they are fab and safe for kids of all ages to have fun! This one is from the Haba Kullerbü collection Children can explore speed, force and … Continue reading Haba ball run